Wednesday Story

Hello kids!

I leave below the list of activities for the afternoon.
Remember to behave properly and speak English at all times!!!

1) First you must sit in a circle and say how do you feel. You can share your news with your friends.

2) Then you must play 10 minutes of  "lemon-lemon" and 10 minutes of  "saionara"

3) After that you must watch the video of  Goldilocks and the three bears

4) You must go to the park al 2:40

5) After break you must copy the date in your copybooks

6) Then you must DRAW the beginning, middle and end of the story of Goldilocks.

7) Finally you can play "oka game".


To speak English
To be respectful
To work tidily
To enjoy and HAVE FUN!!!!

see you later !!!